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  1. I logged an issue with CA support. I gotta watch some more videos, I dont know how you guys can not use the arrow keys. You must be very good at zooming in and out, and have some shortcuts for some things...I bought myself a 10key mouse envisioning I'd use a lot of shortcuts, but so far, i haven't got there yet
  2. my engineer stamps my layouts (only certain sheets) and sends them back to me. The native PDF is intact as I can still copy and paste text after he signs. He must have a PDF editor/ writer of some sort
  3. thanks @rgardner I admit I rely on the bumping a lot, whereas I should probably be using p2p as you indicate. I just tried p2p and it works, but you have to zoom in a lot to pick up the drywall and to ensure no off angle on the point move (As in this case there is no point you can align the corner of the stairs with (I suppose I could draw a CAD line)). the p2p only works if I highlight both stairs and the both landings prior to the p2p, otherwise the left landing and stair get seperated. If I just do the stair, the stair moves correctly, but the landing moves, just not to the same
  4. this video also gives some good insight for those that find this post
  5. in looking at trying to do this, I deleted the landing and I could not get the stairs to move all the way to the right wall(even if i use the cntrl key). It appears the the stairs are "Stuck" to the middle wall(probably because the left side of the stair is bumping to the middle wall, hence it cannot move as the wall will not move). If I delete the wall, the stairs will move correctly to the right wall, In trying your suggestion for adding the landing with the stair tool, when I watched this CA video, it would seem it only auto places the landing when connecting conne
  6. I've decided to upgrade to X13, and the upgrade instructions indicate: Although you can migrate your template files for use in Version X13, for best results it is recommended that you either: l 1.Use the installed templates when creating new plans and layout files in Chief Architect X13 l 2. Use the installed templates as the basis for creating new custom templates. Did anyone actually do one of these two options, or is everyone opening up their old templates and saving them in X13. I was thinking of doing the save as in X13 for layout files, but creati
  7. I was thinking about the "Cabana" dimensions (and never heard of that classification before), but now I realize that was not the poster's comment. first and second floor can be certainly be done without polylines. I entered a method in the "tips and techniques" a couple months ago. Relatively simple, but also limited to simple floor areas (i.e. does not do cabanas nor porches. Only uses CA's square footage as shown in the living area label).
  8. I believe U shaped stairs are always separate sections. I do not have any subsection I see that now, the landing snaps, but the stair does not, so if I am say 1.5" away and bump it one inch to the right with the arrow key, the landing moves 1.5"(to snap to the wall) while the stairs move 1" but ... a little closer look shows the landing on top of the wall(so maybe it did not snap??), and the stair butted to the drywall. Any idea why that is? what is the landing snapping to? Thanks line weights off:
  9. it's all electronic here, but 11x17 is the minimum size. I remember the City guy here used to get his scale ruler out to check dimensions for bylaw. My guess is they probably have some electronic tool to do it now. I save to 24x36 PDF, it they want to print to some other scale, they should know that they can no longer use the ruler (electronic or otherwise). My guess is not even the framer uses a scale ruler anymore, but that is just a guess, I might just ask one next time
  10. @Joe_Carrick sells them. You may be a little disappointed to know that you may still have to draw lines around the different areas to get the actual information out
  11. i have it(stair sections move independently) not checked, which then I would think it would move with the landing. but it did not once it was near the wall I basically gave up and before creating a new u stair , made sure everything was prefect (distance between the stairs, and the width), and then slid the wall in afterward i put the new u shaped stairs in place
  12. thanks eric / @solver for future finders of this post: select roof planes click on transform replicate object check move in the Z delta, specify an amount to move check radio button "relative to itself" click ok force rebuild of truss result moved up by 8" as specified
  13. This is all I found when searching the forum, but it is not the same but it is a similar theme: Change Birdmouth Of Rafter After Roof Plane Is Built - General Q & A - ChiefTalk Forum (chiefarchitect.com) I created a rectangular house and auto built a trussed gable roof with a 8:12 itch and a 16" energy heel using the "raise off plate" in the Build roofs dbx. All is good, section shows correct heel height. . I then I edited the roof planes to change the ridge location: I then changed the right side roof plane ridge to match the left side, and locked
  14. I'm getting a little frustrated with these u shaped stairs and landings, as when I try and resize things not everything resizes (which if fine, I'll live with that). But I then I spend the time to align, and then I move and then it no longer aligns, any ideas why? bandicam 2021-07-14 18-28-19-041.mp4
  15. so instead of using the multiple copy , you drew it, or did you copy and nudge? just or my future reference tanks