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  1. yes it is up to date, let me send to support. thanks for verifying replication of the issue
  2. looks like the tree is not 3 d, maybe I need a differenmt tree? its like it is a paper cutout. it spins around as i move the ortho camera
  3. looks skinny the apples are still in the top
  4. i tried the materials list for the first time last month for a covered deck, and it included everything. I used a polyline to identify the area (as it was an addition), and then created the materials list from it.
  5. any idea how to get it to show: plan view: vector view (shows light blue) standard view (its there, just green). same layer set (all i did was edit the camera and change form vector to standard) perspective pbr (its there just green) thanks hard to show a lake that is green
  6. I dont see one. if not, is there a better way than 2:12 ---->, other than a CAD?
  7. it's even 22', field cutable to size. very nice product. good to know if only there were beams one could put ductwork through all bulkheads could be eliminated
  8. just have to add another riser or two. I have not yet seen one at 11-7/8 tall. but they are slick for mechanical, plumbing
  9. this is done all the time in canadaland. furnace in the basement. bulkheads sometimes, 5" ductwork in the joist cavities. cold air return in joist, interior wall cavity
  10. thanks eric, I always wonder which layer I am supposed to snap the roof to. This shows it nicely
  11. I've also recently discovered the "layer painter", less cumbersome than opening up the dialog box and navigating to the layer and changing it, for after the fact "i forgot to change the layer" happenings. ...just need a font height painter and all my lack of planning will be solved
  12. I had a similar thread about five months ago. Where a wall was building through the roof.for a truss heel. There appears to be a magic formula. It would only occur for a roof a certain distance from the top plate. If you search the forum for my name you should see it. I logged with support. If I remember correctly they said to delete the wall