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  1. Thank you. I have been designing a lot of rooms above a garage. Some have different issues. Newell Cheatheam
  2. I am adding a 2nd-floor game room and storage areas in the attic above the garage. Does anyone know why it will not let me call out Gameroom, and put a 8' ceiling in, and follow the interior roof valleys for that part of ceilng? Also, the finish floor is not showing up. there are 2x12 floor-ceiling jsts across garage ceiling now with 2 - 2x14 BMS. ( we are going to level the floor to those and add additional 2x12s etx every other one if the structural engineer requires it. Thank you for any assistance if someone can make suggestions. Newell ca 12 counce larry NEW.plan
  3. Lenovo Think Station D30 I am grateful for my fellow chief form users helping me when I have an issue needing help. Sorry, you feel this way. Thank you for your help in the past. Regards, Newell
  4. This is existing house and roof. Just adding additional bedroom in attic at front of house. See attached pics of exist. attic and roofline.
  5. I would appreciate any help on this remodeling. How do I create a bedroom in attic? and solving gameroom wall issues. 1) the dished lines toward front of house is bedroom I need to create in attic. slope up to the 8 ft.ceiling . also teh wall on toward front of house is a 5'11" ht plate sloping up. need lowered from 8' p.l. that it is now. 2) exist. gameroom is 8 ft. ceiling with back 36' sloping down and part of wall is missing. Thanks, Newell Michael Hack Remodeling.plan
  6. All garage ceiling is surpose to be 10 ft. ht. For some reason the second floor a stair landing, pantry, closet, bath is not level with ceiling of the rest of the 2nd floor. I would appreciate any help Trying to get to client tomorrow. Need to finish prelim. plans. Newell ver 12 ca cooper
  7. I would appreciate any help working out this rear existing roof where we area adding a new cath gable closed in veranda gable. the btm of interior gable ceiling it 11'8" . Exist. evar hight up is 11'8" ht. we are tearing off old covered sloped 6x6 with plastic over it and adding this new gable roof. I cannot seem to get it worked out. See attached exist. pics. Newell Premier 12 x Foxland chase st.Sugarlan Porch roof 10.06.2020.plan Foxland chase st.Sugarlan Porch roof
  8. I am trying to place a exterior scounce on 1 column on each side of landing as you enter front entrance. It says needs to be on a wall. I forgot the trick in putting in user catalog and doing something to mount on surface. I can not get it to work. any help would be appreciated. see scounce in rendering. Thanks, x12 Newell Moheb Building Moheb Building New.pdf
  9. when I use manuel dimensions it does not go to center. I puts 12 in on each side. Why is this doing that. Newell
  10. Hi, I am trying to place columns and grid line with dimensions. I have to create on column circles and columns lines , then the dimensions will not place correctly to center usining manunel dimensinos (its leaves 12in on each side of column center lines. Chief Architect needs to be more friendly and have more commercial symbols and column lines to dimensions to them. They do have a commercial templet, but it does not have any of those. Plus they need commercial window details etc. I am donating this for a non-profit to design a rendering and another area added on the back of this building.I am donating a rendering of exterior to help them fund raise $300.000.00 (by December) to buy the exist. building and remodel adding finishes to look better and another 2,000 s.f. to it. Can anyone help me on working out the Grid center lines and will measuring correctly? turn on background and existing bldg. is under neath. Thanks, Newell CA Premier x 12 Porter Road Floor Plan existing.PDF Existing Building remodeling.Addition.plan
  11. Can anyone help me flash out 2 window wells in roof and fp chimney needs to go above thru roof about 4ft above. It is a direct vent Fireplace but chimney for looks. I would appreciate any help. Newell CA 12 Premier PORCH ADDITION.plan
  12. I solved the issues. yes I know that ada is 1:12 slope. I have been designing commercial projects over 50 years. Thank you for your help.I just have issues when a building is above grade more than 12 in with rams? Newell
  13. Hey, Was wondering if anyone new how to have these 2 ramps to start at grade and go to top of landings. Front one is for ada ranp is 72 in long for each 6 in rise. The 2nd ramp behind it is service entrance and can have a sharper rise for pushing cart up. I cannot seem to get it working out. Thank you for any assistance. Cheif 12, Moheb Building
  14. How can I get the ramp on carport to meet level with the carport? Ramp Ideal was good. Also I have colums on rear of carport. how do i get them to show up on floor plan(tried pulling forward, but still does not work) Thanks Moheb Building
  15. so any suggestions. You mean use ramp tool How do I get the mess under each end of the carport?
  16. I have issues at the rear of the building with slope up to rear carport. Can anyone assist in having a slow slope up to carport on each end? the exist. carport concrete is around 42" above grade. same as existing bldg I would appreciate help. Newell Cheatheam CA x12 Moheb Building
  17. THANKS. it is fixed.I just went in room specifications and checked use soffit surface for ceiling and it closed up.
  18. can anyone explain how and help me enclose between this new gable roof and ceiling. Also looking toward house thru gable closing in with Hardi-siding. The old roof is showing thru and something else when I do a rendering (see attached). Need to look good for a client in 3 D. They are adding a roof over existing 10' x 20' patio. thank you if you can help. Newell Cheatheam CA 12 Patio Remodeling.plan