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  1. Hi to all, Work-arounds aside, does X10 provide for dimensioning from within a 3D view? Thanks,
  2. So, I'm in X8 but should be the same for X7... Ctrl+Shift+S, find/check 2st Flr Auto Build Floor & Ceiling Framing, select "Framing, Floor Joists" and "Framing, Ceiling Joists"... may need to manual clean up to suit your needs.
  3. Autodesk product, looks very promising though I've not yet tried it:
  4. Is this supposed to be the case in X5... Can't seem to get it to work. Got it!
  5. THIS, is very helpful information... Thanks.
  7. Larry, yes Big time saver. To anyone coming along, Foxit Phantom is very quick in converting Layouts to PDF and it offers great line and shape tools (till Chiefy catches up).
  8. Larry, I use Foxit Phantom for Business for linework/clean-up; I like the program, quite effective yet relatively simple. My issue w/ FPB is that it does not embed certain fonts (even though they are installed in System/Fonts). On the other hand, (free) CutePDF embeds fonts and output is at the same speed and nearly same file size as FPB. Embedding is a requirement for me, for minor text editing on the fly. ...If it weren't for the embed issue I'd set FPB as default for Chiefy-to-PDF, just simpler regards settings/defaults. Btw, past post I mention using (free) Foxit Reader for print-to-PDF, which is an error... For me, Chiefy-to-PDF using FR is much slower, up to 5x slower than either FPB or CPDF, and file size is typically 3x larger. Stephen
  9. Other than printing Chief files, I typically use Foxit Phantom & Reader day-to-day; to print from Chief, I use CutePDF Printer.
  11. ...Do tell, how so, what level of customization (if any, beyond scale, height, width, depth)?
  12. OP, post a couple of images... Give us a chance to come up with ideas.
  13. OP, I run across some necessary clean-up, including line extensions and deletions, after sending to Layout. I typically clean these up in PDF format: I print Layout file to PDF using Foxit Reader, and edit them in Foxit Phantom Pro. The Foxit Reader program is like Adobe Reader, their Phantom Pro is like Adobe Acrobat Pro (or whatever they call it now). I print using F Reader, since for some reason F Phantom Pro gums up the works. This works great where ext. wall planes create extra/funky vertical or horizontal lines, all kinds of little matters. Btw, Phantom Pro is not free, but it's handy in all kinds of pre-press and presentation work.
  14. I've opted for Plain Text use, sometimes (not always?) using Rich Text the text does not play nice with the text box itself, or doesn't always resize, or something along those lines--it's been awhile since it came up and 'I switched'. Btw, that's using X5, have to find the time to download and install/ migrate to X7.
  15. Jon, you type quick... still, didn't mean to hijack you--took me a little bit to figure out how to set opacity, figured I'd pass the whole boat along.
  16. To load into Google Earth: Click on the link Jon provided, select "Open in Google Earth". To save: Within GE "Places" directory, left side of the app (in my ver.) right click on "Earth Point Topo Map" and select "Save to My Places" To adjust opacity: Directly below "Places" directory, at least in my app, there is a little magnifying glass icon and another (that is supposed to indicate opacity within a rectangle). With Earth Point Topo Map selected within Places above, click the rectangle and you can adjust opacity.
  17. I came across this link, after Perry provided some insights: "Displaying and Printing Objects That Exist on Another Floor"
  18. DS Hall: "Two weeks ago I was able to peak into a window and see a women BAKE A CAKE, today, I can not even see the windows."