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  1. steph_en

    X10: Native dimensioning in 3D views?

    Thanks Perry--I'll hang in there w/you all.
  2. Hi to all, Work-arounds aside, does X10 provide for dimensioning from within a 3D view? Thanks,
  3. steph_en

    Why does my ceiling structure disappear?

    So, I'm in X8 but should be the same for X7... Ctrl+Shift+S, find/check 2st Flr Auto Build Floor & Ceiling Framing, select "Framing, Floor Joists" and "Framing, Ceiling Joists"... may need to manual clean up to suit your needs.
  4. steph_en

    3D Object From A Picture?

    Autodesk product, looks very promising though I've not yet tried it:
  5. steph_en

    Productivity Tips

    Is this supposed to be the case in X5... Can't seem to get it to work. Got it!
  6. steph_en

    Raytrace Speed

    THIS, is very helpful information... Thanks.
  7. steph_en

    As Builts
  8. steph_en

    Done With PDF's - Here's an Alternative

    Larry, yes Big time saver. To anyone coming along, Foxit Phantom is very quick in converting Layouts to PDF and it offers great line and shape tools (till Chiefy catches up).
  9. steph_en

    Done With PDF's - Here's an Alternative

    Larry, I use Foxit Phantom for Business for linework/clean-up; I like the program, quite effective yet relatively simple. My issue w/ FPB is that it does not embed certain fonts (even though they are installed in System/Fonts). On the other hand, (free) CutePDF embeds fonts and output is at the same speed and nearly same file size as FPB. Embedding is a requirement for me, for minor text editing on the fly. ...If it weren't for the embed issue I'd set FPB as default for Chiefy-to-PDF, just simpler regards settings/defaults. Btw, past post I mention using (free) Foxit Reader for print-to-PDF, which is an error... For me, Chiefy-to-PDF using FR is much slower, up to 5x slower than either FPB or CPDF, and file size is typically 3x larger. Stephen
  10. steph_en

    Done With PDF's - Here's an Alternative

    Other than printing Chief files, I typically use Foxit Phantom & Reader day-to-day; to print from Chief, I use CutePDF Printer.
  11. steph_en

    Reference levels/ Floor & ceiling levels in elevation
  12. steph_en

    Elevation drawings without sub-grade crap showing

    Yep, simple and effective.
  13. steph_en

    CA Interior for Offices Workstations

    ...Do tell, how so, what level of customization (if any, beyond scale, height, width, depth)?