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  1. Thanks to all for the assistance. Looks like I need to go back to my repair people and see about a new driver or live with using X12, the newest version that I can get to work. Thanks Again Bill Layman
  2. Recently, last week my computer crashed. Lucky for me it is a slow time for work, but i've gotten a new HD installed and thought this would be a piece of cake. But no when it rains it pours. I have an Nvidia graphics and they no longer support this. I started looking at the responses on chief talk and i see it has been several years they stopped supporting it. I never had any problems over the years so I thought it would just take off and I'd be back drawing in no time. WRONG again! I'm running a Laptop MSI QE72 2QD Apache Pro computer with I NVIDIA GTX 960 0M graphics. and from the looks of talk abut the Nvidia upgrades on here I'm lost and need a lot of help. I really would appreciate any help available (short of buying a new computer) as I'm computer illeriate when it comes to the inside workings of the computer. Thank you Bill Layman
  3. My HP 500 24" plotter has finally quit on me. What plotter would be recommended for a small office. Just started looking and the T100 & T125 seem to be about right. Any comments? I like the convenience of my own plotter and not having to run to town for copying every other day. Plus I have 4 cases of paper (hopefully I can reuse them) & a number of ink cartridges that will be history. Thanks for any and all help. Bill Layman
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    Has any one purchased a small (24") wide printer/plotter lately? I started looking at the HP T120 or T520 both 24" plotters. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either one? Or any recommendations for a small plotter. My HP 500 has finally given up, after many many cases of paper and ink cartridges. I have number of ink cartridges available and an HP500 not working if anyone is interested in it for parts? Thanks Bill Layman MSI GE72 2QD Apache Pro Laptop Chief 97 thru X10
  5. Looking for some one with drafting and design experience in the Galivents Ferry SC area.. Thank you Bill Layman
  6. Lew, Thanks, it finally went away after closing both chief and shutting down the computer. Bill
  7. Help, seems like I'm having a senior moment this morning. Trying to update my profile plan and and get the following error message Take Read Only Attribute off your plan, or use save as to save under different name. I can't find where to remove the READ ONLY attribute. Thanks for all help. Bill X9 version
  8. finished reading post and see you turned the winders off.
  9. Happy Birthday to all my Marine Corps brothers on this forum. Semper Fi Bill Layman
  10. Thanks Perry. I was afraid I was having problems. Bill
  11. Hi Guys, I don't want to hijack this topic, but I do have a small problem. When I try to view Perry's plan my chief X8 says it was completed in a newer version and would I like to update. So say yes and the Chief says I have the latest version. But I have no problem opening Mark and Jon's plans. My version is dated June 23, 2016. Question is this the latest version or is there a newer one that I for some reason can not download? Thanks for any info and sorry for hijacking the topic. Bill
  12. Hi Jon, Not in Richmond, but only an hour or so north of you. I sent a private message with my contact info. Bill Layman
  13. Thanks everyone for the info. I too have been playing with different numbers for the beam, and no matter how you change the numbers the the last beam ends up 16" short of the edge. I was just trying to avoid having to move the beam every time I have a roof over the deck. Thanks again, Bill
  14. Thanks for the replies, but the beam spacing does not move my beam to the end of the deck. And I know I can turn auto framing off and move the beam where I want it, but I should not have to do that. I want it to frame automatic with out the overhang at the end. Bill
  15. Help! I'm having a bad day, using X-8 and for the life of me I can't get my Deck Beam to move to the outer edge of the deck. I've been playing with all my defaults and the beam ALWAYS builds 16" from the end of the deck. I can move the post spacing and post distance from the ends of the beam, but can't move the beam. Thanks in advance for any help. Bill
  16. Seems to me the problem is you have not connected the roof planes. Once they are snapped together the extra fascia and box are gone. Bill
  17. Thanks Joey, I don't do a lot of brick houses and could not find anywhere to move the sill plate. Thought it was something I was overlooking. Bill
  18. Monday morning brain freeze! Having trouble changing the location of the sill plate on a 12' foundation wall when using a 4" brick main floor wall. I can't find the default setting to move the sill plate. Thanks for all the help. Bill
  19. I'vre used and Extended Jamb to show boxed out windows like you want. Then you have to make thick exterior trim to match. Bill
  20. DMoore I'm in northern Virginia and have been using Chielf since 1998. All I can say is keep looking at the vidoes and online questions and answers for help. The best help is just keep plugging way with completing projects and don't forget to ask questions. We have some of the best people on this forum that know the program inside and out and provide great help whenever needed. Bill