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  1. DMoore56

    Richmond VA

    Bret, I may be interested in doing this project for you, I live about 80 miles from Richmond. Would not be a problem driving that far depending on pay!
  2. I am working on my first set of commercial construction documents and need to know what information is required. Square footages, construction type, use group, life safety layout and any other info that is required. Is there anyone out there that could lead me in the right direction to learn this info.?
  3. Hi LindaM, I am in Newport News and would be interested in talking with you about doing some freelance work for you. Please send me your contact info. Thanks for the opportunity for work, Doug
  4. DMoore56


    I try to open my library, but it does not display on my screen! How do I correct this problem?
  5. DMoore56

    Railing on flat roof

    Can anyone help me with showing railing on flat roof? Any videos out there to show how to do this? Doug
  6. DMoore56

    Camera view Problems

    Thanks guys, yes it was a default setting, my camera setting was checked "show shadows" and my orthographic view was not checked. My graphics card can't handle shadows! I need to upgrade my computer. Any suggestions?
  7. DMoore56

    Camera view Problems

    I have another house plan I'm working on. In that plan the camera view works fine. I even tried to start another plan to see and it did the same thing.
  8. DMoore56

    Camera view Problems

    I just downloaded and started using X8. Today started a new plan and when I used the camera view my screen blacked out. It blacked out on all views. But when I used the Orthographic tool it was fine. Does anyone know why this is happening?? Thanks, DMoore56
  9. DMoore56

    3D/Elevation views

    Having trouble figuring out why in my 3D view the brick in the gable shows up but in the elevation view it does not? Need help!!!!
  10. DMoore56

    User Group In Virginia?

    Thanks for responding Scott.......... How long have you been using CA? I am a new user looking for a way to get guidance. Been going thru the videos and learned a lot but still having issues. Any suggestions?
  11. DMoore56

    User Group In Virginia?

    Is there no one in Va. that uses CA? Can anybody respond to this.....................
  12. DMoore56

    User Group In Virginia?

    Looking to find users in Virginia (Hampton Roads Area) to meet with for coaching with new user.
  13. DMoore56

    Coach For New User

    New user looking for coach. I'm located in Southeastern Virginia and will travel to get help. Willing to pay for experience. I need to get this going. Thanks