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  1. Those Rim Joist automatically populated that way. Even drawing decks independent of the house, the rim joist came in as my default siding for the project: Evening Blue Hardie
  2. Okay that worked thank you but do we know why that happens? Everyone seems to imply that railings can be redrawn to distinguish from interior and exterior and I do not seem to have any kind of option for that.
  3. These are all Deck Railing/Fence-6 Wall Type and almost nothing noticeable changes no matter what wall type I change it too
  4. I am having this problem with a plan of mine and do not have the slightest idea where to change these settings. In the plan that I attached, despite drawing the back deck railings with the same tool, I have an assortment of different rim joists, some made of siding and some that are not. I see the solutions posted here, but cannot find a way to distinguish or determine interior from exterior railing. Am I just not seeing the setting for the interior/exterior railings? Did I create/use a flawed railing wall type? 805 Ivanhoe.plan
  5. In this file I have attached, on the first floor, wall detail 17, the framing above the top plate has gone invisible since I opened it from a an archive file last night. Attached also is an image of what it should look like based on the layout file I produced before saving it. These framing members that disappeared can still be selected and moved, they just now do not show up on the detail page or the layout visibly. I have restarted the program. I have copy and pasted the exact framing details from an even older archive file but even those come in and appear in this
  6. If I do this, is there a way to snap the landing rails together and make one continuous rail down each side?
  7. I am designing a small deck at a non-standard angle because we are limited by the property setbacks. I need the stairs to run at an angle on each end shown by the red lines I drew in. What is the best way to do this? The flare and curved starter options do not extended far enough and no other option I have found allows me to move the stairs in this way.
  8. Chopsaw thank you that was the layer that I needed to turn off to hide these. I will remember all this advice for next time thank you to all.
  9. I have edited the framing in a single wall to lower the framing to a true 8' and to include a continuous 2x10 header. The lines that outline the wall and window/door openings in the wall detail remain and have been difficult to remove so far. I have tried almost every option in the layer set and am incapable of clicking or selecting these lines. I will attach an image of how these lines interfere with my wall detail that intent to send to layout as well as an image that shows these lines if I hide the framing members. I need to hide or remove these lines to move forward with my intended layout