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I am sure IT IS SOMETHING I'VE DONE (and if I knew what it was-I would un-do it), however, after searching hours last night, and a few this AM, I am unable to figure out WHAT I DID or how? But now when I place a camera, or select it to move/relocate the (assume) snap / or drag angles appear as a sun burst araound it.  Also, shows up when I select a wall to drag or move.


I REALLY-REALLY have done the word search here, and the help KB's, User manual, I just haven't found exactly what it is or how to turn it on/off!

BELIEVE ME, I have exhausted the research attempting to find the answer, it may be I'm just not entering the correct word for what I'm searching for.


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Turn off "display angle snap grid" in your preferences under snap properties.

Thanks Arthur. Seriously though, key word search snap and snap grid brought me no where previously.  I even used  "snap grid"

"camera angle snap" etc., and stil no help. So I went to each Parent tool and FINALLY under view, down near the bottom, there was THAT little BOOGER child tool  "angle snap grid" but no snap properties. Of course the real answer is CRAM and CRAM and CRAM some more and if you can REMEMBER all the stuff you've CRAMMED you might be able to find the things you're looking for.


Thanks again! Now on to the next issue and thread to post.


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