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  1. Doug_N

    error message

    Please post the plan file.
  2. Doug_N

    Weird lines by dormer

    Nice touches Eric!
  3. Doug_N

    Weird lines by dormer

    Ok I will have a look at that as well. Thanks Michael.
  4. Doug_N

    Weird lines by dormer

  5. Doug_N

    Clawfoot Tub

    OK guys. Arrrgggg what the heck is wrong with the libraries. I did what you suggested and updated my library and there it was!!! My CA must have Covid-19 Doug
  6. Doug_N

    Clawfoot Tub

    Joe, Would I have posted this if I hadn't already looked in the library? Doug
  7. Doug_N

    Clawfoot Tub

    Does anyone have a symbol of this style of tub? Doing a drawing for a renovation and they have one of these that I need to include in the interior design drawings.
  8. Doug_N


    For chimneys I have a one layer brick wall. Simple yet so effective.
  9. Good morning Doug,

    I just need your email address.  I don't like to send these things thru the Forum PM system.

    1. Doug_N


      Hi Joe, sorry but I didn't see your post.  My email address is  It is in my signature as well.

  10. Doug_N

    auto table for living area

    Joe, I would really like that macro. Please see my pm to you. Doug
  11. Doug_N


    Also consider ceiling planes. They are very useful for a negatively sloped wall.
  12. Doug_N

    wall legends

    Wilson, I have no idea if this will fix your problem or not. This happened when I was using X11 and here was the answer from tech support. I thought it was fixed, so your problem may be unrelated. Doug Doug Norton Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019 - 09:06 AM PDT When inserting a wall schedule a strange vertical line appears when including 2d symbols for a default 8" concrete stem wall. How can I fix this? Support Answer - Grant Swenson Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019 - 02:02 PM PDT Doug, Our development team is still looking into how to properly correct the issue. However, we have found that if you turn off Slabs in your layer Display Options, the line will no longer appear in your schedule. Keep it mind that turning off the Slabs display in that layer set will also have it not show up in any other views using that layer set. Grant Chief Architect Technical Support
  13. Doug_N

    Connecting different pitched roofs

    The advantage of using auto build for roofs is that it gets all the base lines in place, and the facia heights aligned. Pitch and intersections can always be easily changed to get what you want. Sometimes intersections are a bit of a problem, but with a little work it can all be readily solved. The auto build is, from my experience, always a great place to start.
  14. Doug_N

    Square footage not displaying

    Mike You're are entirely welcome. it was a fun exercise anyway. Glad the answer was found for the problem. Doug
  15. Doug_N

    Roof Lookout Framing Modelling

    Thanks for that Ken and Michael. Good to know. Doug