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  1. We have an existing perimeter for a house and we want to show the client our design on top of the existing perimeter so they can see what walls we've added. How do we show two floor plans (two layers) on top of each other? They are two separate files. We want to show the new design in another color Thanks!
  2. I'm learning the world of ray tracing. I have no idea what this strip of light is at the top of the ceiling --- it happens in other projects too. I'm sure it's a preference I need to check/uncheck? I do not have a light source in the refrigerator cabinet but there's light there?? Help!
  3. I have recently purchased Chief Architect Interiors. When I first started watching the tutorials, I noticed when I went to "CAD" then "Automatic dimensions" the only options I have are "Auto Exterior Dimensions" and "NKBA Auto Dimensions." I work for an interior design company and we only use interior dimensions so this is really important. Help?!?!