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  1. Thanks . I change it to all on layer set in ALDO . Yay
  2. Hi Team , For some reason Recording #33.mp4 I an unable to select some of the lines as per video . Does anyone know who and how to fix it ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Legend Thanks - I will look into it !!!
  4. I'm having problems when the file comes back from my contractor all of the text boxes are not fully open and I need to double click on them all to open them properly to view . See video . Does anyone have a fix for this ? Thanks in advance ! Recording #17.mp4
  5. Hi - Yes I also have this annoying problem with Text Boxes - Normally when they come from a different PC . Is it worth sending a request to CA to fix or do you think they are onto it ? Thanks
  6. It was on but when I turned it off and turned it back on - BING we are good . Legend Thanks
  7. Please help . This happens to me a bit . The floor in missing in the overview. Any ideas ? Everything is turned on . Thanks in advance !!
  8. Hi People , Just wondering what compatible software people are using to create next level 3D images and videos ? Any free ones ? Cheers
  9. Hello!!!! . I would like to take snap shots of a PDF (part page) copy it into my plan and then save them to my library . I have figured this out and goes well ......except.......... now here is the frustration - When I open another plan and copy the CAD block from my library to the new plan it is blank . Does anyone know why this would be and how to fix it ? . Its also not a layers thing . Just blank .Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!! .
  10. How do I turn the sun / shadows off in an overview camera . Thanks ahead
  11. Hi David , In NZ we have a prescriptive Building Code with GOVT supplied Compliance Documents that are all in PDF . So I can cut a section of a PDF (as in a window flashing detail) and use it as means of compliance for Building Consent . Be nice to then add them as library details . Easier than snap shooting or cutting every time . Long Story probably a different process then where you come from .
  12. Hey Chopsaw ! I'm using the latest . The problem is when I go to use it again in another new plan maybe I have some template issues or settings wrong .
  13. I would like to create library files from pdf snap shots . However when i cad block and add them to my library they are only available on the plan I created them in . Help . So i take a snap shot , paste it in as an image , cad block it , send to library and like I said they are only available on the plan I created them in . Am i missing something or is this technology not quite there yet ? . Cheers