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  1. jarwalk

    Cursor appearance

    When my drawing space is loaded it’s sometimes difficult to locate the cursor. When watching a chief training video the cursor or pointer they use is much easier to see even when the drawing is loaded with info. It still has the crosshairs but at the center is an arrow pointer inbeded in a circular fill.
  2. jarwalk

    Cursor appearance

    How can I change my cursor appearance to look like the cursor with the arrow with light bulb appearance? It appears to be easier to see.
  3. jarwalk

    Church Steeple

    Wow!!! These really did the trick, thank you so much!!!
  4. jarwalk

    Church Steeple

    Thanks so much. I guess I didn't give any details on exactly what I was wanting. I was trying to get a steeple that was generated in CHIEF ARCHITECT so I could show it in all views even perspective vuews.
  5. jarwalk

    Church Steeple

    Hello everyone- I'm working on elevations for a church and was wondering if anyone has a nice drawing of a church steeple to share. If so it would be so greatly appreciated. X7 Thanks in advance.
  6. jarwalk

    Church Steeples

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm working on a Church plan and was wondering if anyone has a nice Church Steeple that I could use. The one that created does not look too good. X6 Thanks
  7. jarwalk

    Pocket & Surface Sliding Door Library

    I'm still using X4 so therefore I'm getting a message telling me this is for a later version. Is there any way for me to use these symbols without having to purchase a later version?