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  1. Is there a way to only display part of a plan with a reference layer? I would like to display the first floor but only the parts that aren't under the second floor on my roof plan. Or is cad lines the only way this works? The XOR doesn't seem to accomplish this.
  2. Ahh, thank you that is what I am missing.
  3. How do you usually do foundation pads for bearing points, etc. It seems strange they have to be under a wall. Is there something I am missing or a better way to do it? I tried placing a square pad in the foundation and it only allows it under a wall. It'd be nice to place it on the framing layer so it lines up with a beam or girder then copy paste in place to the foundation layer.
  4. How to you get a macro to reference a room to get a ceiling height to work? Does it only work in a label? I want to just use a text line and put it in a room and have it auto fill like the area does. Trying to wrap my head around how this works.
  5. A 3d Connexion spacemouse.
  6. Is there a reason why a window schedule wont add the number of windows and display the total? It will do it with area but not Qty. Is there some setting I am missing? Or is a custom macro required? Seems odd to me. But then again I am a rookie at Chief so nothing makes sense to me. I made the mistake of leaving it blank now every sales guy I work with is complaining to me they have to add some numbers. I should have just deleted the row... win sched.pdf
  7. I think truss manufacturers use the same callout on their trusses. It’s a tough one as the height varies with roof pitch and top chord depth. But using 4” would be close enough.
  8. You can use the tab key to help select objects. It will cycle through anything close to where the cursor is.
  9. On a large screen the real time raytrace renders can be slower. Probably common knowledge but I definitely noticed a difference when I plugged in my 40” monitor.
  10. I just bought one of these and like it so far. Seemed to be a good value, unless there’s something about it I don’t know.
  11. I use autodesk dwg trueview to convert dwg files to an earlier acad version all the time. I get survey files from site engineering firms. Simple to use and you can view the file to see what’s in it. Sometimes you lose dimensions or text depending on what software they use to create the dwg. But the line work is usually good.
  12. Funny, I thought it felt a lot like an RC drone, helicopter control. My kids play Minecraft so that’s probably why they picked it up instantly.
  13. I found that teapot thing useless. Just grab the controller on a house model and see what it does with each access. It will get away from you fast if the setting are too high. I think I reversed one movement the side tilt one and slowed couple down slightly. Once your brain takes over it levels the camera without thought really. Now I'm speeding it up and just did my first client meeting with it. Only issue I had was I kept using a really low camera height.
  14. Is it normal for me to take an hour or so to get used to a spacemouse, but my kids figured it out instantly? Lol
  15. I think wall type drives what is the default material when you select or change a wall to that type. Changing just the material only changes what is viewed and painted on. If you draw a new wall it uses the default or you can also change the material back to default. I’m really new to chief and this got me for a while but now I’m starting to understand what drives what. So many defaults and views to understand.
  16. In my area the county doesn't like the word bonus room. They always cross it out and write media or Rec room. If its called a bonus room they must think it can be used as a bedroom or something of the sort. I leave it in there just to make them change it. I once had a client freak out when it was called a great room, not a gathering room. I left when he started driving his car in his front yard to see the turning radius. He was a little high strung to say the least.
  17. That did it! Thank you So many new defaults to learn. Now it makes sense where this one comes from. I need to just buy a nice clean default residential plan and layout template from someone and make my life easier. I have wasted weeks and still don't have anything worth using.
  18. I am having trouble with the materials list in the siding category. It will only show 4" wide no matter what material I have selected on the exterior wall type.. I even opened the wall from the list and its shows the siding I selected, but the list always says 4" wide. I opened the wall and changed the material there, I didn't just paint it on from an elevation. Does anyone know where it gets its information from? There must be a setting I am missing?
  19. That did it, thanks! just add a / in the right spot in the macro and it populates itself. Now to make sure I save the template in the correct space so it works on other plans.
  20. Yes that would work also. Might be hard to see on smaller prints (11x17) though.
  21. Is there a way to make the window callout have a / between the foot and inches without manually entering it? I like to call out my windows as 5/0X3/0 SH for example. I got tired of telling people its 5 ft 0 inches not 50 inches. Most trades people get it but I get the occasional homeowner that messes it up and it ends up costing them money.
  22. Thanks for the reply. Here is an example of what I am referring to. Some walls show up as 8'-7/16"', the temporary dimension say its correct. The label says 12' wide but the dimension says 11'-11". Depending on what dimension I highlight and make correct the other one says something different. I may just have to create a new wall type without sheathing to make it all easier to deal with. PATIO.pdf