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  1. As far as I know you cant use a rich text box and make it work. It needs to be in the room label default. It should work inside there.
  2. Nevermind, got it work. Used the fix function thing, not sure what it changed exactly but thank you!
  3. Nothing wrong just doesn't work. The one you edit of the old one works great. I definitely would rather go with the simpler version but get an eval error for it.
  4. Joe, did you ever complete these for X15?
  5. Below is the macro I use for ceiling heights. It currently will show the ceiling height at 7'11 5/8 for finished and 8'1 1/8 for rough elevation. This is due do 97 1/8 rough ceiling height I have set. Id like the macro to round just to whole number, IE: 8'. That way it doesn't show the actual true height of 7'11 5/8 which can be confusing to clients. What's the easiest way to modify the rising macro to accommodate this? arr = (ceiling_elevation-floor_elevation).divmod(12) inch_frac = ((arr[1]-arr[1].floor)*16).round.quo(16) result = case inch_frac when Rational(1.0) "#{arr[0]}'-#{arr[1].ceil}\"" when Rational(0.0) "#{arr[0]}'-#{arr[1].floor}\"" else "#{arr[0].floor}'-#{arr[1].floor} #{inch_frac}\"" end "CLG:" + result
  6. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Worked like a charm, thank you!
  7. I have a macro that calculates the ventilation required and a macro that calculates the glazing required for rooms. I Can add a rich text box into any room and it works great. Id like to put these into a schedule with Columns- Room Name, Required Vent, Required Glazing. Schedule with room name no problem but is there a way to then add the required vent and glazing macro/output to the schedule. In room DBX there’s of course no way to add custom object fields, etc.
  8. Although our MacBooks can ray trace it is CPU ray tracing. Real time ray racing will not work on a Mac.
  9. For bonus and manufacturer libraries you need to download the ones you want directly on the Chief architect website. Or you can only a full backup of a plan which will include the materials that were used. Also make sure you go to library and download the core catalogs from the top menu
  10. Amazing, appreciate that a lot. The other issues I’m always ears for advice. I changed a lot trying different things to get the railing to stop breaking which I’ll have to run through and change back or fix.
  11. Have this built like a 1.5 story with loft. Cannot figure out how to get these railing to angle correctly. I assumed it has something to do with invisible walls I used on the sides of exterior for the half story but changing them makes no difference. Plan inside onedrive attached if anyone can help figure it out. Client wants exposed rafters like it's set up.!AlCC8zezy6bUqS5EXtnG_lWxW4Zk?e=7oeq1x
  12. Typo, fixed to X13. And I seriously doubt its a graphics card issue considering it works fine for every other program I used for instance rendering in Twinmotion. It is Chief Architect specific and tech support could not help.
  13. I can do that no problem but it doesn’t really solve my issue. My respective, ortho and now I’ve realized my elevation views still look like the screen shot I attached. The layout is really the least of my concern since there’s a work around. But I can’t use any of the view, they all are black and pixelated.
  14. Im where you were then, Ill just keep at it and hopefully Ill break the habit soon enough!