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  1. Meltdown00

    Interface to Report a Bug

    If you have a Chief Architect account, go to "My Account" link under the search bar in the upper right of the home page. Then click on the "Technical Support Center" link in the right-hand column. On the next page click the green "New Case" button.
  2. Meltdown00

    How do you re-run the Migration tool?

    Aye, that's the ticket laddie. Much thanks!
  3. How do you re-run the Migration tool? As I was installing the X11 Beta, the program froze at the Migrate dialog and now it goes straight into the startup screen and I can't re-run it. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Is there a registry key I can edit to force X11 to think its a new install or something?
  4. Meltdown00

    Callout Specification Angle???

    Wow, cool! I forgot about that trick. I think I may need to re-watch that intro to Chief Architect!
  5. Meltdown00

    Callout Specification Angle???

    How would one, "Block It"?
  6. Meltdown00

    Callout Specification Angle???

    Well, I guess my real question must have been, "why can't we rotate callout AND text in the callout?" The answer is apparently you can't. New wish list item...
  7. Meltdown00

    Callout Specification Angle???

    What does the "Angle" setting under Size/Orientation in the Callout Specification box do? As far as I can tell, it does nothing.
  8. Meltdown00

    X10 Wall Niche

    I have submitted a new case online. I have never done this before so I hope I did it correctly! Thanks solver, for the help.
  9. Meltdown00

    X10 Wall Niche

    When I create a wall niche in X10 and add casing in the specification dialog box, the casing is not set against the wall unless you make the depth of the niche the same depth of the wall. Is there a way to change this or is this a bug? FYI: pretty new to Chief, started with X9, but don't remember having this problem before...