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  1. I've just downloaded X10 Trial to see how it goes on a new high spec computer I bought. The normal camera view is really really low quality (see attached). I can't make out textures or anything and the cornice lines are grainy as. I've got x8 on a Mac Mini and it's better than this. Is this because it's a trial version, or is there a setting to increase the quality? I'm running 8mb ram with a 6gb NVideo graphics card. Does the rendering (standard and Ray Trace) and quality rely on internet connection? The internet has been really slow the last few days and I've noticed Ray Tracing is taking a long time and the final finish isn't as good as it used to be.
  2. Is there a way to add a bit of Raytrace get to a walkthrough video? I'm using x8. On HDP there was an option to set two levels of final rendering. Is there a Raytrace walkthrough option on X10?
  3. Is the Lumion base version ok? What does the full version offer?
  4. Thats it. I've spent a fair bit of time making architectural blocks and getting all the materials and textures looking good. I just discovered Lumion. I'll definitely get that. I've found the 3D makes a massive difference to sales. I've picked up builder clients a lot easier with 0 hassle when they see it.
  5. This is one I did in X8. I've ordered a new gaming computer with 6gb graphics card, so it should come up a lot better.
  6. Anyone got any good high quality walk through videos? I've seen some using CA with Lumiin that look amazing. I'm interested to see what everyone has done with CA by itself.
  7. I'll run it through a monitor. But I just want to put it aside while it's rendering.
  8. I've been getting into the rendering and video side of CA. I've been using a Mac with 12gb shared ram, which is ok, but you can see it's not great, esp the frame rate. I want to really get into it with clients so I'm going to get X10 and my son said it should be smooth as with this machine. What do you think?
  9. Did you find out if you can transfer the licence? I would say you just need to change the log in details in digital locker?