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  1. What is the best way to make an open beam ceiling at a roof pitch angle?

    1. Chopsaw


      If you like just use a soffit and set it to Sloped Soffit - Place Under Roof.

      Or you can use your roof framing and remove the ceiling.  Post a pic if that is not working.

    2. Chopsaw


      Here is one I demoed a while back : 


  2. Wanted to share my waterfall pool using squirlz. Hope you like it.. Pool-Water-waterfall.swf
  3. Trying the Flash file. Seems like the other ones aren't working. Pool-Water-flash.swf
  4. Thanks I knew about this and tried to download and my Mcaffee virus detector found a virus. I just tried your link and it was okay, virus free, go figure. Anyway I just wanted to try it in Photoshop because I know how to create animated gifs, so I was just practicing. I notice Squilz is Flash driven. I've created animations in Flash but cautious cause it can be hacked. Thanks for the link.
  5. I created an animated GIF to create moving water in a pool. This is my first attempt but determined to get it right. I used Photoshop for this. What do you all think? Any suggestions?
  6. I'm turning the whole bathroom into one big mirror. pushing the video card to the limits ha ha.
  7. Here's how it looks! Again thanks so much. I'm still learning.
  8. How do you make the mirrors reflect? The mirror material I have is just grey.
  9. It always bothers me that the mirrors don't reflect in CA so what I do is capture an image and photoshop a reflection in. Just wondering how others create mirrors?
  10. Do you trust this site? My Mcaffee virus protector claims it's very risky. I will try just using an animated gif.
  11. Is it possible in Chief Architect to animate water in the pool like in this video?
  12. Just trying to hook up with others in the Bay Area that use Chief Architect. Here's a link to my website. Looking for in-house or remote designer positions.