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  1. That was it, thank you! I had created an enclosed area with railings as described in the manual but I missed changing the room type.
  2. I can't seem to get my stairs to show up on the second level floor plan. I did draw them in the first and I have an open to below area so I can't see why it should be visible. Couldn't find anything on this searching the forum, I assumed the Floor Above Display would affect this but no.
  3. Thanks David. I changed the foundation defaults and I could see the changes immediately in a section without rebuilding the foundation. Defaults confuse me.
  4. I'm afraid to try this on my own and not realizing the consequences until it is too late. I've done a house but now realize that I made the crawls space 3' instead of 2' and the floor joists are 2x8's instead of 2x10s that I defaulted to. Can I change this without messing up something going on elsewhere? I've set my terrain to 18" so I assume that will be respected? Question 2 is how I would go about to change it. Would I adjust settings in Floor in Defaults, or are defaults only what will happen in the future without affecting existing built settings, so that I would have to rebuild foundation to see the changes take effect? I'm a bit confused with the defaults stuff, it seems that sometimes it changes existing conditions but in other cases like text and dimensions it only changes what will happen the next time I use it.
  5. Whew, this one threw me off as well. All the options under adjust sunlight had an effect on the shadows, like angles and tilt, but not the sun intensity.
  6. My apologies, I've seen the request for posting the plan reading earlier posts but thought this was a very general question.
  7. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I have that unchecked and I'm rebuilding the roof, but it still shows in the framing?
  8. I'm trying to get rid of the subfascia and show rafter tails as in a traditional craftsman style, but can't seem to find the actual setting for this? This is my second run evaluating Chief so I'm trying to learn as much as possible in 30 days. I've started by reading the manual and watched videos and also remember a lot since last time (can't remember which version) and I feel a lot has happened since then. Just that I apparently can protect edited roof planes is a great step to me. The 3D looks great, the slider is useful and suddenly the way I look around in 3D and zoom in is usable. Hopefully this is it this time.