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  1. Hello Eric. Its good to hear from you again. I hope all's well. I did a search prior to posting as well as read the x9 help button and search the CA web site. My forums search only turned up 5 results which gave me some ideas. I did resolve my issue. In the Layout Page Table box by turning on all the columns there it was under label. I appreciate your tip though. As allways Thank You
  2. Good evening fellow CA'ers How can I get the layout page number (main drawing index) to show my actual page number like A-1, P-1, etc.. and not just 1, 2, 3, etc? Is there a macro that can be put into the pages label to do this? I'm working in X9. As always any help would be appreciated...
  3. Removing the slab eliminates confusion with the project to be performed. Again Thank You!
  4. Thank You Michael!!!!! It worked I appreciate the help. Have a great evening
  5. That worked Mike. I raised the stem wall by 1/16 to 4 1/16". I was able to then turn off the slab layer and keep all the foundation. The repercussion is that 16th of an inch now shows up in the 1st floor wall height. FYI the slab elevation was 2" below floor elevation 0.
  6. They are on different layers... There are concrete block walls on the exterior of the foundation.
  7. Thank you for applying Michael. Yes you are correct it is a mono slab. I'm not sure I'm understanding what you are saying... Aren't they independent?
  8. Good evening fellow CA'ers I'm working on a project drawing involving interior stairs. I've been learning and have been using layers and layer sets. My problem. As seen in FoundationPlan1 below. I have the building foundation shown with a slab that surrounds 3 sides of the building. I'm working in the Default layer set. When I turn the slab layer off.... Why is it also turning off the foundation walls even though the foundation layer is checked and shown as displayed? See FoundationPlan2. Are these connected in a default? I'm working in X9. As always any help would be appreciated...
  9. For what its worth I just did this for an as-built, 3'+/- cantilever truss.. I built an exterior wall, parallel and offset the distance I wanted the cantilever minus the overhang and made the wall invisible. Set the roof plane baseline to the invisible wall, built the roof plane. That set the fascia top and ridge height spot on to the other planes. Built my trusses then I deleted the invisible walls. Worked for me
  10. The ridge and fascia heights were exactly the same on all planes. The 2 - 24" roof planes adjacent to the 3' 10" overhang were defaulting to the value set in the roof overhang defaults in this case 24". To compensate for the one longer overhang the 2 adjacent roof planes in the roof plane specification/ options/boxed eve/ default to overhang had to be unchecked and a length equal or greater than entered to match the longer overhang. CA was doing what it was told. I guess there could have been some clearer instructions in the program help on this function. Living and learning! I won't forget this one......
  11. Eric that was too easy and worked just fine. It didn't change any of the framing either. Thank you very much. I guess I just need to play with that a little bit to see why that works and understand. I spent to much time on something so simple. That plan was a test plan I do along side of my real project plan to test and solve issues I have with my real plan. Not really wanting to raise a lot of hell in my original plan. To answer your question the video helped because it showed me it was the 2 adjacent roof planes were the ones that need the adjustment and not as I interpreted from the pictures above to be the long overhang roof plane. Sincerely Mike
  12. Eric, I'm not sure but as I sit here looking at it I'm wondering if I need to move the baseline back to outside wall on that long overhang???
  13. I did in the original here it is again. I appreciate your help 2differentoverhangeveproblem.plan