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Hey All!


So, I rarely had to use terrain modification tools (therefore never bothered to learn them :( ), seeing as most customers had flat landscapes.  So in this situation, the plan is attached, I have the following issue:

right below the motor court, leading to the summer 'pool house', there should be a lowered terrain; the idea is that when owners leave the spa from the underground floor, they walk out into a nice garden type pit (landscapers will make it beautiful), and can walk up the stairs to the bbq pool house, also in this pit there will be tanning beds and couches to relax in the summers.


I'd like to hear some suggestions as to how I can modify the terrain in a way that all windows of the underground spa are visible, and work with that area to create stairs and lounge zone.  


If there is a video tutorial then please point me to it, any help will be greatly appreciated!!


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Thank you so so much for the quick reply! I'll definitely give this tutorial a look and hope it'll work out, thanks for the help again.  Truly love how in chief so many are willing to help each other!

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So yeah the video helped in many ways, yet regardless of how I play around with the values and expand or resize the elevation areas, I still get 2 issues:

1)  The sauna window is always covered by terrain, regardless of what I do (whilst the spa doors are open)

2)  The terrain literally grows into the SPA area....


Any suggestions? Maybe the guy from the video could take a look at it?

Attaching a view of what is happening.


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I looked at your model and unfortunately the model is really large and slow on my system and I just don't have the time to try and repair things. One thing to try is placing your terrain on the second floor instead of the third. That won't fix it because it shouldn't matter where your terrain region is but it might get you closer. Also use your floor heights to position the elevation regions. There aren't any short cuts you just have to muscle through it till you get things figured out.

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I've been fighting terrain set up like crazy....that is until I saw this video Larry. I had never seen this method used and it looks so simply...I'll be having a go at this tomorrow in the office...Thanks for doing the video!!!

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@Larry (humblechief), sorry didn't realize you are one and the same; again thanks for the tip, yeah not sure why it threw the terrain on the 3rd instead of the 2nd but I'm working on it. You're right, gotta muscle through it and keep trying to get it right.  Sadly I know I made a few mistakes with the building itself because I was in a hurry to give a demonstration of the potential outcome, so soon enough I'll take the time and build it back up from the beginning and make sure everything is right this time  (hopefully the terrain will play again then).

@Chopsaw:  I checked the post, I'm going to check whether or not I have the same issue; sadly in that post for some reason the two pictures don't load at all for me, your screenshot does whilst the poster's photo's don't..

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@Chopsaw: I checked the post, I'm going to check whether or not I have the same issue; sadly in that post for some reason the two pictures don't load at all for me, your screenshot does whilst the poster's photo's don't..

Yes as you may have noticed I urged Matt (new user Anna) to correct the post and share results but no response on that post but here are the results on next post that I found :

p.s. I believe you will need the opposite setting to solve your problem.

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