White reflection from walls and other ray trace issues

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Hello, newbie here.

My renderings are always extra dark, and they are low quality and grainy independently from rendering time and I'm trying to figure out why.

But what bothers me most is the white halo coming from the intersection of walls and white furniture, or between white cabinet doors and handles.

Ignoring the fact that the image I attached is the result of 30 passes and the quality is still bad, you can clearly see the problem I'm describing. 

Walls are 0% emissive, so that's not the problem here.

Any suggestion is welcome! Thank you


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Some things you can try:


IF you have a sun in the drawing turn it off.

put a roof on.

If you are using point lights under the cabinets change to spot lights with a wide cut off angle like 175,


see if that helps.

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Looks like you are using the sun to crank up the overall brightness. Suggest you back off on it's intensity, this will reduce what we call light bleed where wall and ceiling intersects have strong halos. You can use additional light fixtures or those invisible 3D lights to bring up the overall interior light level, adjusting the ambient occlusion can also help, it's a bit like a shadow/highlight control. Getting the best light balance for a given scene can be very challenging to say the least. Concerning quality, not sure the Raytracer in Chief is capable of producing so called photo realistic renderings. I am convinced it can produce much better results than we tend to get but the effort and time may not be worth it. You may have to go the next level with a specialized renderer.



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