Angle Dimensions "Blow Up / Shrink" in Layout

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I haven't had this problem in a long time, but after installing the update to X8 this morning, it's back:




It only happens after I've edited some rich text in a CAD Detail. Sometimes it blows up, as shown above. Other times it shrinks, like below:




The only way to fix it is to zoom in/out in plan, then switch to layout and zoom in/out. However, as soon as I edit text in a CAD detail again, the problem reappears. It's not strictly plan specific - it has happened in several different plans.


Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm curious before I send this in to tech support.

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I've seen that problem and reported it a while back. Now I always check my angular dimensions before printing. I've been caught a couple times with large angular dimensions on my prints...  :wacko:. I was't sure what caused it. You might be on to something with it just happening when editing rich text in a cad detail. I'll have to experiment. I just knew that sometimes they changed scale, sometimes the scale stuck. Anyway, I found I just have to double click on the layout box with the angular dimension in question to open it. Then close the view right away and it usually fixes the problem, at least for a while!!

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