Rake Walls at Attic have disappeared.

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I've searched for this one, but haven't found it anywhere.


I have 3 gable walls that have show up "see through". on my elevations and 3D views. I think I've seen this before, but for the life of me can't remember what I did. 


Anyone have a solution? I'm almost done with my plan and am ready to rip what hair out I have remaining!


235 St Francis Hip Roof


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Assuming your roofs are properly built over the walls etc., try hitting F12 (rebuild).

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You can also select wall, open dbx (specification), select "structure" tab, and check "balloon through ceiling above". For the condition you show in the pic its actually how most would frame that wall anyways.

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Thanks guys, and thanks for the video Johnny. 

I'm noticing on my plan a few remnants of walls, items, etc.  Mainly because this is my house that I'm finally finishing the plans on after years of putting it off. I had worked on this for the last 5-6 years and I find stopping and starting isn't the best approach.

I noticed after I posted the plan that I used the object painter to try to paint those rake walls. That raised the ceiling height to 9' in the rest of the plan. But that wasn't the problem I had. 


I hadn't known about the balloon wall framing option, so that will help here.


I'm almost completely done with this plan and I think something is going on with the file and it crashed about 10 times yesterday. I'm so close that I will probably finish my elevations and send it in for plan check. 

At one time, all those walls generated as they should have and I still have no idea what changed to make them disappear. Maybe I'll let that go on this one and chalk it up to a learning experience.

Anyway, thanks everyone, I love this forum, people are really helpful!

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Do you have "generate attic walls" on? They are very easy to do manually also. Just go up to the attic level and draw them in.




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