Being a knob- rendering help pretty please!

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I'm brand spankin new to CA. Feeling the strain of the learning curve. 

Hoping someone out there can help me with this teeny tiny little niggly annoyance.  


In ray trace all the polished chrome knobs in my kitchen look fantastic, bright shiny and mirror like, however in standard view all of the chrome looks black. 

I understand it can't produce reflections in this render mode but gee whiz, it would look so much more realistic if it just rendered as a light grey.  Know what I mean?

I'd like to be able to use standard render for quick presentations to clients, but right now, it looks like I'm specifying black hardware, not chrome.


Is there an option where I can pick what color 'chrome' renders as in different rendering modes?


I attached a picture showing my chrome hardware looking black in standard render.


Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your advice.








As I typed this question, I did think of a workaround.  Create a version just for ray trace (which uses all correctly specified materials/finishes), and for the standard render, change the materials/finishes to how they look in standard render.  For example, even though I'm specifying BM HC 165 on the cabinets, it renders waay too dark in standard, so for the sake of rendering I'll just select a color that 'looks' right.  means I have to create two copies of one project, which is cumbersome, so I'm open to additional ideas. 





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Do you have to show whole house plan or is it just Kitchen? Maybe make more floors and copy/hold position for cabinetry. you could then have different finish on different floors

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Boost up your interior ambient to get more light on those cabinets and that will get you closer to the Raytrace colors.


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When you are in the "Material", "Properties" DBX, :Material Class" and you see " * Only Applies to Raytrace Views" you will most likely not get a similar appearance in your standard camera view. These materials require special functions built into the Raytrace program to properly display. One easy technique that does not require you to change the material is in the "Material Properties" change the "Material Class" to "General" or "Reflective". It should now have a better appearance in Standard View. You may also find that this setting will still give you a decent Raytrace. If not just set in back to it's original "Material Class",



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