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Terrain Elevations And Specifications

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I want to show correct terrain for my house. The Garage is floating in space and there is a moat around the front of the house. Also the drive ends about 2' lower than the garage. How do I bring my terrain so it is at the level of the floor of the garage, the gap is gone, the drive comes to the mouth of the garage floor, and I get rid of the moat around the front? This are all related questions and I think there is one solution. The sub floor of the house is 162', the garage is 160', 2' lower. any advice out there? 




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Thanks for attaching the plan.  I think the problem now is that no one really knows what your terrain is actually supposed to look like and therefore we don't know the best advice to give in order to fix it.  I tend to think the elevation data is incorrect and needs adjusting.  One thing you can do to address at least part of your problem though is to uncheck and then check "Flatten Pad".  You can also try to insert some terrain modifiers like Lowered Regions or Flat Regions. 

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