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i am having a problem with custom backsplash..and found a simliar post from ChiefTalk...


And GLENN WOODWARD apparently solved the problem.. here is his quote:


"If the room is located below the y=zero point, the Custom Backsplash doesn't work properly.

As soon as the room is drawn or moved up above y=zero, they work as designed.

Place a Point Marker at y=0 and try different rooms or relocate a room above and below y=zero and you will see the problem when you use the Custom Backsplash tool.

Definitely a bug with the new Custom Backsplash tool."



Can someone please tell me what this means?!?! 

How do I make the room or floor at y=0?



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Here is my guess, x = 0, y = 0 is the plan origin.  You can find it by placing a point marker or temporary point at (0,0) in the plan.  Try moving your walls and everything above this on the screen.  You can use the edit area tool to move everything.  I'm not sure it this will fix your backsplash problem but it's worth a shot.

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The Wall Material Region Tool doesn't quite do what the Custom Backsplash does automatically.

The Custom Backsplash is aware of cupboards whilst the Wall Material Region is not aware of cupboards.

Click a Material Region Tool on a wall between the upper and lower cupboards and it sizes to the whole wall.

Do the same with a Custom Backsplash and it only sizes to the length of the lower cupboards and to the top of the upper cupboards.

Obviously the tools are based on each other - with subtle differences.


Kilgore is correct about the y=0 problem, that I believe has been fixed. 

Locate y=0 in plan view and make sure all your building is a above y=0

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