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  1. @Gerry, please disregard i figured out how to fillet.. thank you!!
  2. hi Gerry, how do I "filet" the corner so that it is exactly as a Flare would be?
  3. I am getting the same problem.. out of curiosity, I added a bunch of interior walls in my plan and sure enough the total sq ft INCREASED!!! Somebody mentioned that by adding a wall it would reduce the sq ft because of the thickness of the wall..this is not true.. it INCREASED THE SQ FT. It seems that this forum is only good for reporting "bugs" and issues with this program.. on simple things like this... when ultimately it should be utilized for more complex issues or creative workarounds... WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR CHIEF ARCHITECT TO FIX THESE ISSUES? WHY ISN'T THERE A BUTTON ON THESE THREADS THAT WILL "REPORT" THIS ISSUES AUTOMATICALLY TO THE PROGRAMMERS OF CA???? Why should we have to open a thread to report simple issues like this..and THEN navigate through the website and find the 'REPORT ISSUE TO PROGRAMMER" link and re-explain the problem we are having? Because you know that the programmers sure aren't reading through all of these threads and writing a list of the bugs that there are.
  4. i agree, Chief's search function is HORRIBLE. If the keyword is in all caps, or even 1 letter capitalized it will not be found in the search results. example, if you are searching for "table" and you enter "TABLE", it will not be found. or even if you enter "Table" it will not be found if the actual item in the library is all lowercase "table" THIS IS STUPID RETARDED. Where do we report these issues? I would imagine that ranting on these threads will do no's like having road rage in your car yelling at the person in the other car.. they can not hear what you are saying ..hahahhah
  5. I set my UNDO to 99 times in the preferences. I think 99 is the max!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I am trying to create a simple L shaped road but have a flare on the inside. Please view picture as you will see the issue of a flare on the other side of the road. Anyone know how to fix this? (attached plan in zip)
  7. GLENN!!.. that was dead on.. thanks much.. briliant. only how to get those trees in there?!
  8. @Dshall, i am not sure what program was used to create that image.. was looking for a program that would do that but would like to consolidate and use CA somehow. @Doug_Park... yes you are right it is just the trees and landscaping that I would need 3D images and then that look good. @Joey.. yah i was thinking the same thing.. probably some type of photoshop program.. but I see these type of 'site plans' alot.. especially if you Google "site plan" under the image search. Does anyone know where I can get a full landscaping line of 3D images (trees, bushes, grass, and everything in between?
  9. wow Chief Arhictect can't do this??? Very disappointing.
  10. Is it possible to create a site plan similar to the attached image? I have tried the 'Perspective Full Overview' and tilting as an aerial view but it distorts the landscaping, trees etc. anyone know how to do this?
  11. i am having a problem with custom backsplash..and found a simliar post from ChiefTalk... And GLENN WOODWARD apparently solved the problem.. here is his quote: "If the room is located below the y=zero point, the Custom Backsplash doesn't work properly. As soon as the room is drawn or moved up above y=zero, they work as designed. Place a Point Marker at y=0 and try different rooms or relocate a room above and below y=zero and you will see the problem when you use the Custom Backsplash tool. Definitely a bug with the new Custom Backsplash tool." --- Can someone please tell me what this means?!?! How do I make the room or floor at y=0?
  12. @mydog8it.. YES! that was the problem.. i ran the soffit continously through a wall and that was why that was happening.. creating a separate soffit on each side of wall, as you mentioend fixed it. thanks.
  13. no the height is correct but it only appears above the cabinets in the 3D.. but in my 2D view, I ran the soffit into the hallway and bathroom (because it has ducts in it) but it will not appear in those other areas.
  14. hi, i inserted a ceiling soffit (which has plumbing and ducts ect in it) and it will only appear above cabinets in 3d.. .. how do I make it appear everywhere that I have placed it.. ? thanks