90 Degree Corner Window


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Hey Timmy, here's the deal. I was using soffits because

I was working with Home Designer Pro. With CA its easier 

because you can use Polyline Solids for the upper walls.


Start out by drawing Pony Walls where you want the glass

to be. In the "Wall Specification" dbx go to the "Wall Types" 

tab and define the Lower Wall Type you want to use and

set the height of the lower wall. For the upper wall type

choose "Glass Shower". This will give you the lower wall

with glass on top. To build the upper portions of the walls

above the glass go to your plan view and draw a Rectangular

Polyline over the Pony Walls. Convert the Polyline to a Polyline

Solid and set the pertinent values in the "3D Box Specification"

dbx. to match the length and thickness of the Pony Wall below

and set a height for the upper Polyline Solid wall section. With

a little tweaking you should be able to get the desired effect.


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Do a search in the Legacy Forum.  There are some threads there that deal with this, without needing Polyline Solids or Soffits.

Joe is correct, seArch CORNER WINDOWS VIDEOS BY DSH, that should get you a video on a method that we all worked on a couple years ago.

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