Need Elevations On One Floor Plan File Moved To Another Floor Plan File


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One file: kcm Remodeling 2015 - Elevations (Interior floor plan and layout notes different than 2nd one) to go to the layout and file of
Existing Building Floor plan and layout sheet.
is this possilble w/o messing the project up. 

I am leaving out of town and needed to submit to the permit dept tomorrow.



KCM Remodeling 2015.plan

44x34 layout KCM REMODELING.layout

KCM Existing 11.27.2015.plan

44x34 EXISTING.layout

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Not totally clear to me what you're looking for but if I now understand you correctly, I would try doing a save as of your plan, deleting everything except the cameras (what I assume you are calling elevation symbols), copy the entire 2nd plan and Paste Hold Position into the 1st plan. Now send to layout or do a Save As of the first layout and re-link to the new plan.

I guess it would really hope to know EXACTLY what you are trying to do. There are a lot of variables.

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