Line showing through exterior in elevation view.


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I can't figure out why this line is here, or what it represents. It only shows up in this view and sometimes while rotating the camera in 3D orthographic. I think it has something to do with where the floors meet, or maybe the lines that show the exterior material don't recognize that it's the same between floors and won't combine into one surface, but I'm not sure why that would happen on this wall and not the others.




Johnson Lot 43.plan

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Is it some thing like this? I am afraid to state the obvious.

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Don't ask me why but I moved the wall upstairs with the extraneous line and then moved it back. The line went away. It is possible the wall was slightly offset.


I zoomed in and out,  then a back clipped cross section,    kicked the cat and spit on the dog,  and it was fixed.


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I tried moving the walls out of position and back again, it fixed a similar problem I had before but it's not working this time. 

I don't know what the difference is between the backclipped cross section and cross section/elevation, but in the backclipped view I can only see the line causing the issue and can't select it. I'm not sure what to do now.

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I see lines like that from time to time on my plans, even when the walls are perfectly aligned. I think there might be a bug there. Sometimes just selecting the wall and opening the dbx and closing it will make the unwanted line go away, sometimes not. Very hit and miss. And sometimes the line is there in vector view, but when you send the view to layout, it goes away. When it doesn't, I usually just end up using 'Edit Layout Lines' to delete it.

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