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If you first add the molding using the Room, then convert, it will be nicely cut around windows and doors, and fully editable.


1 - Select Room - Moldings tab - make sure to select Chair Rail.

2 - With room selected, bottom of screen - Make Room Molding Polyline - and the one you just put in will be available for selection





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It all depends on the height of the room molding polyline.


If you create a room molding polyline at the floor level, it will ignore all of the windows but cut out for the doors.


If you create one at mid-wall height, it will probably get both windows and doors.


If you create one at ceiling height, it will probably miss both.

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To add a bit to what Dermot said...


If you create for example a 48" tall moulding and specify it as being 0" to bottom, it will automatically cut for the door but not for the windows (i.e. it only cuts items that fall within the 0" plane.  If you use the same moulding and specify it as being 48" to top, it will cut for both the doors and the windows (i.e. it cuts for everything that falls within the 48" plane).


The thing you cannot do as far as I can tell is get mouldings to "notch" for windows.  It seems to be all or nothing.  To get the notches for wainscoting, very tall trim details, or very low windows, you might need to use another method like wall material region or create a custom moulding profile to fill in the blanks.

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If the bottom of your windows are all the same, you can also just add 2 wainscottings

1. as a baseboard, and offset it from the bottom and make it the height of the window distance from floor.

2. as a chair rail, offset from the top as the height of the panel

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