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Does anyone know if there is a way to edit a dimension line without the text of the dimension line itself.  I have a dimension that I don't want the text but I want my own text.  I have several pier locations and they are in a general spacing 4'-0" min. - 10'-0" max. so I spaced them at 6'0 just for clarity sakes.  Can you edit the text of a dimension line.  In that dreaded ACAD program I used to be able to edit the dim. line.

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People have been wanting this for years. You have two choices:


1) Use your own text with a fill and place it over the actual dimension. (Or make the dimension text microscopic.)


2) Draw witness lines with a double-ended arrow between, and your text.

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You can also make the text to 1/128 and put the new text over it.

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