Uncapped Ends Of Pony Walls


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I came up with a work-round for this in that you make the shower pony-walls, lower wall have whatever material you wish exposed, setting it as that wall types' "Structural Layer" (it is merely a 3D appearance and plays hob with your materials list, if you care about that). I commonly set the structural layer to the same tile material I have on the shower interior walls, so you see tile instead of a fur wood pattern. The upper wall can be centered or placed where you wish via the pony wall - wall type dialog.

A secondary method is to cap the transition point of the pony wall with a custom slab, counter top or poly-line solid, both methods are workable and get visual results.



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Thank you all for responding so fast, and yes I did mean to upload a picture but I guess I didn't.  I went with the single layer wall. works great.  If you don't mind I have one more question. I'm having trouble getting my wall tile to show up on the material calc. list.  I'm new to this part of CA and would appreciate any help u can give me.


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