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  1. When I move a wall mounted light fixture that has been offset a certain distance from the wall, it snaps back to "0". Is there a way to maintain or lock the offset?
  2. Is there a way to add product photos to my fixture schedule??
  3. I also was able to use area polyline. Josh at Tech Supt. said that he will forward this to the developers. ES
  4. Thank you all for responding so fast, and yes I did mean to upload a picture but I guess I didn't. I went with the single layer wall. works great. If you don't mind I have one more question. I'm having trouble getting my wall tile to show up on the material calc. list. I'm new to this part of CA and would appreciate any help u can give me. ES
  5. I would like to use pony walls to create shower enclosures but when I join them as shown the end of the lower wall opens to expose the framing. Is there any way to "cap" the end??
  6. Is there any way to selectively turn automatic fillers for one cabinet in a plan without turning it off for the rest of them?? Ed
  7. Thanks, I do use a symbol volute that I downloaded a while back. I was wondering if Chief has or could have an option in the stair dialog. I think this post should have been posted on the wish list.
  8. Probably has been asked many times before, but is there an easier way to create a "volute", "lambs tail" or other special rail endings over the bottom newel post or for that matter can you make a newel post sit on top of the bottom tread?