Garage Door insulation


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It's done by you typing the word "insulated" in the comment section of the object information tab of the door's specification dialog.  Same as you might want to do for those hinged doors that are foam-filled.




The material spec is for assigning color and texture to the faces of doors.


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Is it possible to put insulation in a garage door?


Yes, but I would buy it from the manufacturer that way.  Adding insulation to an uninsulated door is usually not worth the trouble.  You could drill holes in it and use some kind of spray foam but it might be hard to fill it completely without causing it to bulge. :)


So it really all depends on how you want to show it in your plans.  You can just add a note as Gene is suggesting and that is probably the easiest way.  If you want to show it in a cross section, you could manually add insulation using the cad tools but I don't think there is any easy way to show this automatically.


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