Staircase railing issue


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I'm assuming you are referring to the cables going thru the floor.


You could try and make the upper section of the stairs a little narrower. so, your railing clears the opening in the floor.

or move the posts and railing towards the couch a bit.

also it looks like your floor opening needs to move towards the top of the stairs more.


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What Michael posted is spot on. The stairs are too narrow.

Move the stringer over and that'll get that exterior rail to appear inside the opening. 




Even when the railing gets resolved, those stairs may need winders at the platform if they get scrunched into the current opening. 


1.) Can you make the stair hole longer?

Right now it looks as if a few treads are being buried inside the floor framing. 


2.) Can the wood post be moved so that it serves as the newel? That would look pretty good. 

The landing rail could die into it the repositioned post like it does on the far end.





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