Room Elevation Camera - Capturing windows on a Dble frame wall


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Can some help solve this? I want the window frame captured in the Room Elevation view. The window is positioned in the outer of the double wall system. This position is essential to the best practice for external window flashings. The window is displayed in the external elevation view but is on displayed in the internal room elevation view as shown below..


I have produced a double wall system. The wall frames are checked 'Frame through' in the Double Wall section of the Wall Specification box.


as per the floor plan view. The design is an internal timber framed wall (90mm hatched) against the shed 150 steel purlins (150 grey) to create a double wall system.

The window is position in the outer wall (or the grey section) which is automatically cut through the frame wall as shown below


The room elevation view below is of the kitchen sink view, however the window frame is not showing because it is positioned in the outer wall. How do I get the room elevations to show the window?



How do I resolve this?

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I think this is an issue with using the wall elevation camera.  It won't show any windows or doors in the outer wall of a double wall.  I usually use a cross section camera instead and then setup the clipping to look the way I want.


*edit* - I just figured out that it you make the wall "furred" instead of "frame through" you will see your windows and doors.


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