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  1. So simple when you know how. Thank you. Signature updated.
  2. Attached is a wall and windows with the issue initially describe. Let's know if find something Window Sill Sample.plan
  3. as per the attached window sill in a brick cavity wall I have created an unwanted block I have created a 1course splayed sill as per displayed in the library below, but for some reason chief is created a mould of about 25x25 (1"x1") additional moulding as the base of my sill which creates an unslightly gap below this sill. I have made sure the rough openings are set and zone The bottom sill thickness is set at 86mm (i.e. I course) Any suggestions or helps.
  4. I realize the border is the hole cut in the benchtop. See the view below. My problem is when inserting the basin, the benchtop has a rectangle cut out larger than my basin and is not cut to the tight mould of my basin. Anyone able to help?
  5. I have imported a new symbol and made all the adjustment so the basin embeds in the bench top. I have update the 2D symbol to better refect the symbol, but for some reason a border has been created that I don't know how to remove. The symbol specification menu does not display the border. It only self generates when placed in the plan view. See below Any suggestions?
  6. Is there method to bring construction line into the foreground? Construction lines do not have the 'View Draw Order Edit Tools' icon button I am using the construction lines as grid line. I assume that is their purpose I am working in a section camera view and can reasonable achieve the visual of brining the construction lines in the foreground by using the 'View Order Edit Tool icon to push other cad items behind the construction line, but this is not very successful and quite long winded
  7. Thanks very helpful. Some new info for me to work
  8. Any ideas, if its possible, of the best way to drawings a dome shade sail frame and sail. I prefer to try and do this in chief. I have tended to and prefer to use chief for creating symbols than Sketchup, but the dome shape in 3D seems limited in Chief. When I create a arch in plan view I only get an option to convert to Mold Polyline or 3D Molding Polyline, but once I have done this I need to be able to rotate in elevation to get the required 3D effect. If created in 3D solid I think I could rotate in elevation view, a single line conversion does not provide that option. Any hints in Chief or do I need to do this in Sketchup. I have loved recent upgrade of Chief that have made sketch up less necessary. See the photo of what I am trying to document. (pretty sophisticated, but unfortunately becoming more common &Y necessary: Not to mention making drawing a little more fun!)
  9. My X14 occasional freezes. It doesn't shut down, just seems to stall or freeze for about 2-5 minutes, 5+ times a day. It seems to occur when have the program open but unused with a short period or when I jump to another program. Sometimes when I open another program but not always. I am using Microsoft Book 3 - i7 1065G7 CPU @ 1,3GHz; 32RAM; 1 TB drive about 20% used; Windows 11 Pro; NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 video card. My system was brilliant with X13, and generally good with X14. Any thoughts...anyone had this and resolved it?
  10. I am having a problem setting the conc footing for my external wall using the wall definition menu. Attached is the screen print of the wall definition. Wall setting where the adjustments determined. Having viewed the training video I think my setting are correct but section is not updating correctly. The section view shows the hatched area where I want footings to adjust to, but the hatched area is cad drawn, not auto generated. I have tried both positive and negative ledge depth & foundation offset, but either way nothing changes. Am I missing something. I am still using CA X13, I have created a new wall definition to eliminate any corruption of past update immigration Any suggestion?
  11. I have just done something on a reasonable size drawings that has caused it to go very slow. (38 MB plan file) I open the base cabinet dialogue box and the response time for changing a cup'd door to a draw and then adjusting the draw size is too long. I have done something the is causing excessive regeneration time for a simple action. It is only on one file. Another larger plan file @ 56MB is functioning well and quickly. I have tried the reset option in Preferences, but nothings has changed. I am wondering is the Terrain is resetting, even though it is not displayed. Any hints?
  12. Yes I have tried view>colour, but I don't want the colour on the elevations elements . Its too busy for detailing. However, coloured cad lines would be helpful for better referencing differences line types. i.e. grid line; floor levels & ground level. Actually I can't even get coloured cad lines when ticking the view>colour menu anyway. sorry the view is a bit small but the attachment should read ok
  13. I'm trying to display coloured lines in my section views and I understand the preference menu to turn on colour, but the menu actually states 'Display in Colour when Possible' (I don't remember that vague statement before!) Part of my displays show colored lines, (I think in the CAD management detail only) but I cannot get coloured lines in the section elevation views. Is there anyway I can turn the colour on? I only want coloured lines. I do not want to display the 'Colour Fill' option in the 'Camera View Options'. (I don't remember 'when possible') I seem to only get the options 'Black and White' or 'Grayscale' I have managed to have coloured lines on previous jobs; I think I remember correctly. (I think you fellas spell colour - color!) If I am locked into this and cannot show coloured line in sectional views, should I update to CAX14 beta?
  14. and is there a method of changing the kerb sizes. This particular design involves existing 250 wide kerbing and I want my new additions to have 150 wide kerbing.
  15. How do I delete the concrete road kerbing against my building? Attached is a PDF portion of the site showing the kerb against my proposed building. I have created the overall road outline using the 'Convert Polyline - Road Perimeter' tool and then within the road perimeter I have using 'convert polyline - Road Medium' to produce the internal areas for positioning buildings and medium strips etc. There should be a method of clicking on a particular line of the 'Road Perimeter' or 'Road Medium' (or any line of a road) and click or unclick where kerbing is wanted or unwanted. Any suggestions/helps?Proposed Getaway Retail Development - Kerb Delimena.pdf
  16. Thanks I will give is a go. shortcuts! This will be quite time consuming.
  17. Is there a method to building grooves in walls. I am drawings a concrete tilt-up wall system which as a 15mm wide expansion joint plus a 20mm fillet edge on the concrete wall panels. The panels sizes are not symmetrical or an exact grid so I can't use the hatch or grid pattern on the Define Material menu of the wall type. The wall panels are full height but horizontal panel division is wherever my engineer designate the panel size. I only know how to draw 2D cad lines on the elevations or sections. Be great if there was 3D method of building this in so the elevations automatically generate the physical groove. Any suggestions?
  18. I have tried printing as well and exporting to PDF and I have not been able to get the function transferred. I am also use the genuine Adobe DC. How to I create a link in chief? Rob
  19. I have just completed a document with final specification/scope of works page. I produced this page in word with a link to site photos on my cloud, which works fine in word or PDF format, but once I import that PDF page to chief I lose the link. Any ideas how I keep or make the link? I thinking this can probably be done through Ruby
  20. GlenW. I'm 'under pump' here...those the slow response. Yes that is excellent. Thanks I will pursue that. Rob
  21. Anyone know where I can locate a garage vertical bi-fold door? Not for a garage but outdoor ktichen And any ideas for how to draw this in 3D?
  22. Oh dear I was hopeful of a solution. I think it was early than version 13 when I first experienced and reported the fault. It is ok in a floor plan or large view to group select text boxes, but its frustrating when I need to open every room elevation to select and fix 1 item. Never mind...soldier on. Thank you.
  23. My understanding this text box problem has been going of your years. Is there a way to solve it? For whatever reason the last word or letter in a text box disappears. Simply by opening and closing the text box the missing word/letter reappears and the resolves the issue. The problem seems to occur when I open the plan or layout on another computer. However it is now always occurring when I disconnect or reconnect my laptop from my docking station. The problem only occurs if I open the drawings while disconnected. If I don't open the drawing while disconnected and then reconnection to the docking station the problem does not occur. I mentioned this fault years ago on chief support and my response was; Chief were not sure how it occurs or how to solve it. Is this still the case? Generally I managed to solve the issue by simply going through the drawings and reopening and closing the text box. This reset and corrects the text. I have been caught occasionally by sending out a finish drawing with the end of texts missing. That's is frustrating. I now have about 20+ pages of drawings with this problem is on every page and every view. Does anyone have this problem? Is there something I am not doing or is this still a software problem?
  24. Is the a new place for changing the opening indicators and was it there in X12? Have only ever made this change in the preferences menu?. Thanks for the tip. Indicators change and everything is sweet. Rob