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How do I go about putting a roof on this round room only?  I've watched the related video and done some searching on line.  When I use the Build Roof Planes and try to retain manually drawn roofs (which all other roof planes are) CA puts auto roof planes on top of all the other roof planes.


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You could always copy that round wall over to a blank plan and auto build there and just CTRL + ALT + V  back a forth until it looks good.


Depending on how many sections you use you may want to trim the overhang to get a smooth fascia.  It is just a (roof) polyline.


06 Options

  • Enter the Segment Angle at Curved Wall, which is the angle for roof segments automatically generated to cover a curved wall. A smaller angle produces more roof planes. Note that in some instances, slightly smaller or larger values will be used instead of the specified angle.
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    • By Regandoc
      I am trying to figure out how to place a beam in between the 2 walls so that the roof over hang will not jut out like this.
      I am assuming i need to put a beam in here and then the roof will continue on the same plane as the rest of the roof?? but i can't figure out how to do this. Room divider does not work..

    • By KnotSquare
      New upgrade to X15 had a great upgrade to floor trusses. Now I can lose my 3.5" wide joist place holders to keep my Material Lists accurate.
      What I could use to compliment this is the same truss on the rake. I design a lot of homes with at least some portion vaulted and the only way to make the top of windows match the pitch on the interior and exterior is to have the roof and the ceiling be the same pitch as well.
      For my final plans I call out parallel cord trusses. Basically this is a floor truss pitch up to match the rake. Does anyone know if Chief is capable of such a maneuver?
      Thanks to the Group,
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      I'm designing a home with a "silo" attached (I'm in x15 - file is attached).  I'm stuck on a couple of items.
      1. I can't get the trim on one side of a doorway into the round room to conform to the wall going into the room.  I've done some looking but haven't found anything specific to this.  Suggestions?
      2.  I've tried to arc the roof plane edge (a rounded roof) to the side of the silo.  I'm getting a lot of broken edges and the exterior wall above the entrance to the round room is open.  Suggestions on how to clean this up?
      Also, in trying to attach the file, I had to delete everything except what is in the attached file along with purging the unused CAD Blocks and materials.  Before zipping, the attached file was 34.7MB.  The working plan file is 42.8MB.  Any ideas why the file is so big?
    • By MN_JohnH
      I can't figure out why my walls are not meeting the roof.
      I run into this a lot and usually finagle walls by puling on their handles etc but changing from gable wall to hip wall etc seems to make no difference in how the wall acts.
      I just want them to act like when I first drew them where they just automatically connect with the roof.