How To Achieve This Dormer?


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Hi all,


This is probably a really easy fix for some of you experienced guys, I have tried to search the forum to find something similar to answer my question but I'm not really sure what this kind of dormer detail is called so it's been tricky!


I've attached an image of what I want to achieve, basically it's a dormer but one that sits below the line of the roof. I've been trying different things all day and watching videos but have had no joy getting it right.


Can anyone suggest how I can recreate this detail in Chief?






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Outside easy, inside not. Floor is I believe a bug in the software.


Level 2 ceiling set to 36". Draw in walls to define the dormer space. Set ceiling height to 96"


Auto build roof. Set ceiling height of main space to 96".


Play with walls and roof planes to get the inside looking correct.



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To my eye it seems the window should be in the main wall not in a bump out.  ???


The bump-out works, but to make it look correct IMO you need to bring the eave of the roof down to around 1/4 (approx), so inside the visual of a knee wall is really the exterior wall.  Here is an example in a design I did,and I personally use this type of dormer a lot.



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Yep looks good Johnny , I'm just not sure I understand your reference to 1/4 of the eave ?   The eave overhang should be really short ?   ie a 1/4 of what Eric showed ?  (which I think is just the default setting that Eric didn't play with...)



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