stair issue- Bottom of Starir 2 wedge steps


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    • By KDsnyder
      I have a building which has a staircase outside of the structure that I'd like to display on the second floor plan. Is there a way to do this without creating walls under the stairs or encasing the area with invisible walls? Thanks!
    • By Don_Straub_Const
      I am drawing exterior stairs to exit and they need to descend 1/2 the distance and change directions at a landing a u shaped. I used the stair tool and drew the 2 runs and the with the stair tool active clicked where the landing was to be built. what was built was an interior landing with no support But the landing needs to have the post and bean framing of a deck. I could not see how to accomplish this? I deleted the landing and drew a deck but it placed at the second floor and extended the lower portion of the stairs to the deck. Am I missing some easy way to do this?
      meeting 1.plan