Stair Delemma


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Am'I doing something wrong or this is some CA glitch in the program.


First, when closing under the stairs the wall base molding is not continued as it would with crown when using soffit where crown will recognize soffit being part of the wall and wrap around it.

Second using the Newel out of the box, why stair tread cuts through the post?

Third why there is missing spindles at the wall and at the newel post... creating none code compliant spindle spacing?


Is this something  CA messed up (@ this price should this be an issue)?

I'm doing something wrong?

Or this have to be done manually?



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I am no stair expert but the base molding has to be done manually unless you put a wall under the stair.

try adjusting baluster spacing.

Many requests have been made for work on the stairs and have been ignored.  I understand they did not

do anything for the new release either.  Very Disappointing.  ;o(

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did you try making the wall under the stair flush with the main wall instead of inset  ?  if a soffit ? I think Dennis is manually


The tread issue is probably a combination of the newel size and the tread overhang not being quite correct  ie larger newel or less overhang should fix the glitch.



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Thanks guys for the reply. Is what I been doing using the wall there to make it work or using a line and converting to 3d molding, but we shouldn't have to do that. Also if you have crown molding in the room and you create a stairway, the crown should break at stairway points instead of keep going another pain in the A$$ and a wasted time to get rid of it.


As spindles go, I think you only have the option to adjust spacing on the landing rails only, on the stairs you don't get that option in dbx. 


Also when railing is done on the stairway along the wall,would be a good idea to add wall returns being this the code and it would look much better in the 3d view.


Hopefully they get this right i the new version.

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