Some Reflections About Using Mirrors


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I've just noticed that when I use Chief's mirror material for cabinet door glass, or for a backsplash it will not reflect in render view in X6.  It will however show reflection when ray tracing.


Oddly it does work for a custom backsplash, but not for the backsplash in the cabinet DBX, nor will it work for the panel in the cabinet door when using the DBX.


Of course it's relatively easy to work around this by using the material eye dropper or a polyline solid, but I am a little puzzled by it.  

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I'm using the new reflective material, but it seems to have a problem coping with cabinets in an old plan brought forward.  It works in most situations, but not as a material applied in the DBX for cabinets.  It does work on custom backsplashes (not associated with a cabinet) using the DBX.  It can also be made to work using the eye dropper tool.


I'm thinking that next time I'm faced with bringing something forward, it might be good to copy the essentials to a new plan.

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