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Attached is a AutoCAD file for reference. I am trying to create an arched opening as shown in the elevation in CA. I tried to use door way and add double arch, but the height locks at 144". Is it possible to create a solid in elevations and subtract? Tried to create polyline solid, but I dont know how I can subtract that from the wall. Could someone help me to achieve this?

Projection Screen CA.dwg

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Only a doorway or Pass-thru Window could work.  You can't subtract a solid from a wall.  Also I don't understand what you mean by the height locks at 144".

Post the Plan so we can help.  You can also post a PDF of the arch to show what you are trying to get - dwg's are not that useful.


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More like this?




Or....there is a way of creating a custom shaped wall opening (not a door).

Have a look in the help file for Edit Wall Cutout Polyline.

You can attach a custom shaped Wall Cutout Polyline to a symbol (by using Inserts Into Wall) and then hide the symbol so that it is not visible.

Here is a very quick freehand hole in wall attached to an espresso machine.





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