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I am using the railing to auto generate columns and beam for an exterior porch.

For some reason, the railing is generating 4 -1/2 columns, where only 3 are needed. 

The spacing is set to 8' o.c. for the columns. 

How can I correct this so that only 3 columns are being generated?

Any feedback is appreciated.

See attached plan file and circled area on the pics.





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Are those lines across the end of the porch room dividers by and chance ?  If so they are generating the extra posts.  Hopefully you don't need the room dividers.

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1 hour ago, j2narchitecture said:

For some reason, I cannot select those lines.


Those are actually lines from your busted up porch ceiling with the soffit and eavestrough running through it from the garage roof.  However even sorting all that out only gets rid of one extra post. Turning auto roof back on fixes the railing but you have wandered a long way from auto roof which may not have even been necessary on a build like this.  It looks like you could have gone at least 95% of the way with auto roof if not 100%.  The other thing that fixes the railing is the "Generate on Low Platform" railing setting.  But again it causes other issues like sinking through your floor finish but that may not need to be set up the way it is either.


Not really sure what the best solution would be but that may help you or someone else narrow it down a bit.



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