Wire lath in wall definition?

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This house I'm working on requires wall schedule, something I seldom do, but do you put the drainage plane and wire lath in the wall definition?

If so are those items in the Chief Library?




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Personally, I keep my exterior wall definitions as simple as possible, e.g. for the wall you've illustrated I'd have:


exterior finish (which would be a single thickness that represents the entire system: wrb, lath, and all stucco coats)

exterior sheathing

framed main layer

interior finish


IMO, keeping all  my exterior walls with these four simple layers helps me when the wall intersections get weird. It also keeps the plan views and section views more readable. I use schedules and text to communicate the individual components of the wall assembly.

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Thanks for that advice.

I do believe a picture is worth a thousand words.  And keeps the wall schedule uncluttered.


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