Indented Wall - Soap Ledge


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1.  Create an indented box in 3D and assign the Tile material to it.

2.  While in the 3D View convert it to a "Window Symbol" and add to the library.

3.  Insert the symbol in the wall - you might have to adjust the origin and suppress casings, etc.


A lot of the finer points can actually be done in the symbol dbx of the library item.

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    • By BrittanyT
      Hi - I am using x14 version of chief architect, and I am trying to do a bathroom elevation and show the tile as well. I am new to interior design and chief architect. I've drawn on 2D polylines to show the tile material and location, but then it covers up the plumbing fixture on the wall. I'm not sure what the best way is to show the tile in an elevation. Do I have to add it to the 3D model, or can I just show it in 2D?
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      Hi there!
      I've been trying to find out a way to make holes in walls but I didn't find any solution yet. I tryed to create a polyline and, then, convert it into a slab with footing but I could't rotate the solid piece to put it in the wall. I guess the right method is very different. My plan is to build something similar to a forniture in the wall.

    • By j2narchitecture
      I am having issues with an exterior wall. 
      There seems to be a random base plate that is generating a few feet about the first floor level.
      It appears that this plate may also be causing an issue up at the second floor where there is a hole in the exterior wall.
      I try deleting the base plate, but I am not able to select.
      How can I fix this so that the exterior wall generates properly.
      Any feedback is appreciated.
      Thank you kindly. 
      See the areas circled in orange on the attached photos.
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      I would like to tile only half a wall with paint on the top half. I cannot find the tool, or know how to use a tool, to make this happen.
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    • By Night8917
      Hi Guys and Girls.
      I've been away form this forum for a long time, maybe some of you still remember me.
      I had another job for a few year and I didn't have time to be here, how ever Covid struck and I lost the other job.
      So to make some extra money I will offer my symbols for sale and also take custom symbol orders, if you want something special I make it for you.
      You can see a few of my symbols, old and new on my facebook page.
      If you like what you see send me a PM or an E-mail.
      Best regards
      Anders Niemi