Why are appliances that I add to a cabinet showing up set back 2'?


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Has anybody run into this before?  When I copy an appliance into a cabinet I end up with it set back about 2' in the renderings.  It shows up correctly in the plan view.  This happens if I add them to full height cabinets as well as base cabinets.  I wonder if I have some setting wrong?

Thank you!

dishwasher plan.JPG


dishwasher exterior of house.JPG

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2 hours ago, DzinEye said:

^^^... yep..  But sure would be nice if Chief corrected these in their libraries

It is not usually a defective 3d model (sometimes it is) but rather workflow difference.  Some appliances are made to place into a cabinet and if you try to place it outside of the cabinet and move it into place the x,y coordinates are set to offset into the cabinet so that is typically the difference.

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