hey hey hey.... CA is doing it again.......


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8 hours ago, dshall said:

hey hey hey....  CA is doing it again....... 




....  after they make the "upgrades",  let's bombard them with complaints!



lol. I was going to say that I already hate the new look. B)

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OK, so I knew I wouldn't like something.

It used to be that when you went down to

the "Next unread topic" in the lower right

hand corner, the title of the next topic was

given. That way you knew what conversation

you were joining. Now you are just taken 

to the next topic without knowing what that

topic may be. Kindly restore the old functionality

Granted you can find the topic once you have

moved on to the next unread topic by looking

thru the URL address at the top of the page

but that was needless and now is a cumbersome 




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