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You all are in the biz, so have ideas and I'd like some input.  Working with a builder whom I did a house for a couple years ago.  He wants to build an exact duplicate.  Only thing that changes is the site plan.. address, setbacks, etc..  easy breezy.. What do you all charge?  Some kinda of Home Plan Magazine Rate..    

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For me, this would depend on how I charged for the first set of plans.  

If it was billed using a standard square footage rate and the client was difficult to work for or the plan took longer than expected...same price as first time.

If it was billed using a standard footage rate and the client was super easy to deal with or job was super profitable... I might give it to them for half price.


If I had charged by the hour?  Again, it depends on the specifics. If I spent 200 hours with the builder hammering out every tiny little detail to perfect the design for future use, then I might charge no more then a minimal base fee plus whatever time it took for the new site plan.


Also depends on how much I like the client, how much work I do for them, how much work they give me, how much new liability (either actual or implied) I’m taking on, whether or not I personally want the same house built twice, etc. etc.  


Definitely no one size fits all answer from me.




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Thanks Michael, looks like I was thinking the same as you.  For this particular client, I have done a half dozen custom homes for this guy, including his own residence.  I would consider him as a friend too, so I did a half price.  Now another builder, not as close, so I will be doing a little more different.  Lost money, IMO, on his designs, and I know he will be building the same houses again because he's bought the lot for them already.  I will probably add a little to make up the difference, but not the same price.    

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